How do I cancel piZap PRO?

If you would like to cancel piZap PRO, click on your profile page and then the "My Account" button. The first option will show a link to "Manage PRO Subscription". From this page you can cancel or manage your subscription.

If you do not show an active subscription, but you are sure that you have one, it is possible that you logged in with the wrong login. 

Many users have Facebook logins originally, and when they signed up for PRO, but forget about it and later try logging in with a username password. If you originally signed up with a Facebook Login, make sure that you log in again with Facebook.

If you are still having trouble please contact us.


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    It's not working

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    Its not working for me either...neither is the "PRO" feature !


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    Sixers Nation

    Doesn't work. Bullshit paid all this money for pro and it doesn't work. None of the developers care either...

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