How do I use the piZap cut-out tool?

Learn how to use the piZap cut-out tool in 1 min:

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    hey PiZap it stop working the cut out when I click on it not there it stop working for me are you going charge us now to use it now I thought it was free I have to leave go another program make my pics now I like the old Pizap one please stop changing it keep the old one for us to use 

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    Hi, for some reason the shape cut-out for the new piZap stopped working for me sometime ago. I sent a report about it, but never heard anything back and that has been at least a couple weeks ago, I think. I can use it with the old piZap, but I prefer to use the new one. It just works better with things. That is, all except for the shape cut-out tool. It no longer works at all. Here is a screenshot of what it does. The only way out of this is to hit the cancel and there is no shape cut-out at all.

    Just wanted to add a note that I was contacted and the problem has been resolved! I was using Firefox Quantum. It was suggested that I try it on Chrome as that is where piZap works best. I did that and everything worked just fine! Thanks for the help!! Appreciate it!

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    I just got back into PiZap after several months. Already paid for my year in advance.  Then the first time I go to use it, I see there is no choice of which version of the cutting tool you can use.  I really dislike the new one.  That connect the dot version always leaves white edges around the object I try to cut.

    Please go back to giving a choice to the customer.  And BTW....your video to show how to use the cut tool is the original version.  Isn't that a bit like Bait and trap?

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